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European Chess Championship
Polonia Wroclaw Chess Club


Polish Womens Championship in Poznan - Jola Won


In the ended on 1st April  Polish Womens Championship in Poznan, definitely won Jola Zawadzka, before Karina Szczepkowska and Iweta Rajlich. In the mens Championship won Grzegorz Gajewski.


Team Championship of Poland


Team Polonia Wrocław occurring  in the composition by Krzysztof Cricket, Mateusz Bartel, Dimitrios Mastrovasilis, Wojciech Moranda, Daniel Sadzikowski and Jolanta Zawadzka won the title of Team Champion Polish.




Jola's friend from Polish representation, Klaudia Kulon iwon in the women's Rivalry in Academic World Champions in Katowice.





In Tromso ended Chess Olimpics. Polsih Athlets took 7th place in the women's competitions. Won Russian, 2nd Chinese womans and the last was Ukrainians.


Chess olympiad in Tromso


In Tromsø (Norway) 2nd August starts Chess Olympiad.Polish women's team is it composed of Monica Socko, Jolanta Zawadzka, Karina Szczepkowska, Martha Bartel and Klaudia Kulon. The Struggle will continue until August 15.


Stach and Beata's wedding


4th july Jola's brother Stanislaw Zawadzki married Beata Kadzialka- WomenGrandmaster.Jola was a witnesses.
Jola and Beata in the junior age were chess rivals, and private friends. On the Europen junior Championship in Peniscola(2002) they stood on the podium together. Then Jola won sliver
,  Beata bronze (ass decided Bucholz). Then French Marie Sebag won


Silver medal at the Polish Championship!


In Warsaw ended Polish Championship in chess. In women contest won Monika Socko before Jolanta Zawadzka, and among men the best was Radoslaw Wojtaszek, second was Grzegorz Gajewski.
Oficjalna strona Mistrzostw

Galeria z Mistrzostw

simultaneous display in Gluszyca

At the end of the Championship in Gluszyca in chess, Jolanta played simultaneous games with participants. In the fight with several chess players drew one duel and the other she won. The event was organizeg local parish priest Fr Slawomir - he also won the tournament and became the champion of Gluszyca



On the Finished European Team Cham- pionship in Warsow, Polish women's team, composed of Monika Socko, Jolanta Zawadzka, Joanna Maidan, Karina Szczepkowska-Horowska and Iweta Rajlich, won the bronze medal.
The tournament was won by the team of Ukraine ahead of Russia.

The Official Results

Gallery 1 - opening and first rounds
Gallery 2 - last rounds and closing

Video relation from a medal decoration



The winner of the Krystyna Hołuj-Radzikowska's Women Grandmaster Chess Tournament is Nino Batsiashvili from Georgia.


Girls had a professional photo-session and the pictures were used to create a calendar! See it!



From 28.09 - 06.10.2013 in Wroclaw will take place grand master tournament - Memorial of Krystyna Holuj-Radzikowska. Tournament director is Jolanta Zawadzka.

The official tournament website



The Polish Men and Women Championship in Chorzow came to an end. The final results were decided in tiebreak games between 2 and 4 (!) participants respectively. The Polish Women Champion title went to Monika Socko, 2nd place to Jola Zawadzka and bronze medal was won by Karina Szczepkowska. In the men competition the winner was Bartosz Socko.

Simultaneos exhibition in Zabkowice


On 7th December in Zabkowice Slaskie Jola gave a charity simultaneos exhibition organised by the towns' library. Her oppostion consisted of 38 local players. After almost 4 hours of play the simul finish with 32 wins for Jola , 5 draws and one loss.

Link to the photo gallery of this event.



On 25th of September Garry Kasparov visited Lower Silesia region to promot the initiative Chess in Schools.

During his stay he was accompanied by Jola Zawadzka who also gave a simultaneos exhibition in a school in Lubin.

Kasparov who was was present during the Chess Olympiad exchanged remarks with Jola about her game against Kosteniuk.


Silver in the Olympiad!


Despite medium results of the polish teams (only 13th and 15th places) in the event Jola Zawadzka, Radek Wojtaszek and Bartlomiej Macieja achieved individual successes. All three of them got silver medals on their boards.

During the Olympiad Jola won 7 games , amongst which was a game against former World Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk from Russia. Her 4 remeining games ended in a draw.

Oficial results of the Olympiad.



In Istanbul from 27th August to 10th September there ll be held 40th Chess Olympiad. Polish women team for the event consists of Monika Socko, Iweta Rajlich, Jolanta Zawadzka, Karina Szczepkowska-Horowska and Joanna Worek which gives them 7th rank in the starting list.


Women European Championship 2012

In Giazantep (Turkey) on 2nd march started Women European Championship. Poland is represented by Jolanta Zawadzka, Karina Szczepkowska-Horowska and Joanna Dworakowska.

Success in Polish Chess Championship 2012


The women Polish Championship was won by Iweta Rajlich who defeated Joanna Majdan-Gajewska in tie-break games. Bronze medal went to Jola Zawadzka.

The best in the men competition was Mateusz Bartel, who also needed tie-breaks to win the title. Silver medal went to Bartlomiej Macieja and bronze to Kamil Miton.

Polish Women Team Chess Champioship 2011

On the weekend of 2-4 of December in Wroclaw Polish Women Team Champioship were held. The title went to the team of Polonia Wroclaw (Jolanta Zawadzka, Monika Krupa, Anna Iwanow, Katarzyna Poznanska and Ola Dadello ). The best performance on 1st board was achieved by current polish champion – Jola Zawadzka. Visit our gallery to see photos from the competition and closing ceremony.

Jola 2nd , Karina 3rd!

Apart from the silver medal won by the team Jola Zawadzka got also silver medal on 2nd board and Karina Szczepkowska bronze medal on board 3.

The Championship was won by the russian team and the bronze medal went to Georgia.


European Team Chess Championship - silver medals for women team!


During the European Team Chess Championship 2011 polish women team took silver medals. The team consisted of players Monika Socko, Jolanta Zawadzka, Joanna Majdan, Karina Szczepkowska and Katarzyna Toma.

On the photo: last round match again team of Armenia that ended in a 2:2 draw.

European Team Chess Championship, Halkidiki, 2011

In Porto Carras, a town on the Halkidiki peninsula in Greece started the European Team Chess Championship.

The official site of the event is http://euro2011.chessdom.com/

On the photo women polish team: Monika Socko, Karina Szczepkowska, Katarzyna Toma, Jolanta Zawadzka i Joanna Majdan.


Graduates – rest of the world


As a part of 5th Zuckertort Congress organised by the 13th Gymnasium in Wroclaw there was a match between the graduates of this school and the rest of the world. You can find photos from the event in gallery.

Universiade in Shenzhen


In Shenhen, China, starte the XXVI Universiade. For the 1st time during this event players ll also compete in chess. Polish is represented by Jolanta Zawadzka, Wojciech Moranda, Pawel Czarnota, Krzysztof Bulski and Michal Olszewski.

The event can be followed at http://www.sz2011.org

European Women Chess Championship 2011


From 6th to 18th of May in Georgias' capital Tbilisi took place European Women Chess Championship 2011. There are 2 polish players participating – polish champion Jolanta Zawadzka and bronze medalist Karina Szczepkowska-Horowska.

Official site of the tournament http://www.tbilisi2011.ge/

Jola Zawadzka won the Polish Women Chess Championship!

        After all Jola Zawadzka became (2nd time in her career) a Polish Champion in women's chess.
     You can see the final results here.

     The Championship gallery.

11th Individual European Men & Women Chess Championship - final results

   In the 11th Individual European Men & Women Chess Championships Monika Socko took the bronze medal  after wining in the tie-breaks with Marie Sebag! Jola Zawadzka after losing in the last round against Natalia Zhukova finished the tournament with 7 points which gave her 18th place. Gold medal went to the swedish GM Pia Cramling.

 In the men's section best polish player was Bartosz Socko with 7,5 points which, after tie-break gave him qualification for the next World Cup. You can find more results here.

The photos from the event are now in the gallery!

11th Individual European Men & Women Chess Championship, Rijeka, Croatia 2010

In Croatian town of Rijeka from 6th of march there'll be held the Individual European Men & Women Championship. There' ll be 18 players from Poland - 10 men and 8 women. You can follow the games online on the website of the tournament.

Polish Men & Women Championships - final results

After 9 days of struggle the polish championships came to an end. In the women section the winner is GM Monika Socko, who beat in the final match IM Iweta Rajlich 2-0. Jola took bronze medal winning against WGM Joanna Majdan in a tough match 1,5-0,5.

The men's section was won by GM Mateusz Bartel. Silver medal went to Radoslaw Wojtaszek. Big surprise was 3rd place of GM Jacek Gdanski - an amateur compared to many other players participating in the event.

You can find all the final results on the website.

Photos from the event can be found in gallery.

Polish Men & Women Championships, Warsaw 2010

    On 9th January started the individaul Men & Women Polish Chess Champiionships. Both tournaments are taking place in the Novotol hotel in the center of Warsaw. The strongest polish chessplayers are taking part in this year's event, which is caused by the high prize fund and new formula of the event. The women's section is a knock-out tournament with 16 participant, wheres man play a 9 round swiss tournament. More information and games can be found on the website of the event.

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